Kehittäjän mukaan SSD takaa keskeytyksettömän pelikokemuksen seuraavan sukupolven konsoleilla

Se on ollut jo tiedossa, että seuraavan sukupolven konsoleissa latausajat tulevat olemaan nykyistä lyhyemmät. Triple-I Gamesin luova ohjaaja Hemanshu Chabra on sitä mieltä, että SS (solid state drive) muuttaa videopelaamista niin paljon, että perinteiset latausajat jäävät käytännössä kokonaan historiaan. Hän kertoi aatoksiaan Gaming Boltille.

”SSDs in particular will drastically help improve loading times. Some of our larger worlds, such as the towns can take a while to load. We do show some useful hints during this time, but ideally, we would like for players to experience the entire game without any interruptions. How great would that be?”

”Nowadays, we just accept loading times as a part of video games, particularly 3D video games. The irony is that the more cinematic a game is, the costlier the assets and thus, the longer the loading times. I say this is an irony because one would not like to be interrupted with a loading screen while watching a movie in a theater, or while reading a book, that would just be unacceptable. Yet, for games, it is something that we have lived with for more than two decades now. And, we even have to design our worlds around it.”

”I expect that future 3D games will be an uninterrupted experience, just like movies are. And, I also think that we will forget what loading is, it will end up becoming an antiquated concept.”

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