The Witcher 3:n tekijät olivat huolissaan siitä, ettei pelissä ole tarpeeksi sisältöä

Hiljan Nintendo Switchillekin julkaistun The Witcher 3: Wild Huntin eräs parhaista puolista on sen runsas sisältö nimenomaan tehtävien osalta. Kyseessä on enemmänkin kokoelma pieniä tarinoita, joita on pelissä varmasti sadoittain.

Tästä huolimatta tekijöillä oli se huoli, ettei pelissä ole tarpeeksi sisältöä. Asian paljasti pelisuunnittelija Jakub Szamalekmed Eurogamerille.

”We had a lot of tables and trees and diagrams and post-it notes to try and build the whole picture but it was extremely difficult. We were actually very worried that we didn’t have enough content. We were seriously concerned there weren’t enough quests, enough dialogue sequences, there wasn’t enough to keep the player busy. Obviously we were hugely mistaken because the density of the experience is definitely not lacking – but it was so hard to assess it when the game was still being made.

What people outside of the industry don’t always appreciate is a game is constructed from so many pieces and you don’t see the final product until the very end so it’s hard to plan for unforeseen problems. When you’re working on a play in the theatre, you might not have the costumes or the set, but you can see the actors interpreting the lines, you can imagine what it will look like – in games that’s extremely hard. Even if you do have a clear goal and direction, you might end up in a different place because a certain part of the game gets cut or a new mechanic is introduced and this requires you to change the storyline, or it turns out that a tester says the game is lacking this or that.”

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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