Raportin mukaan Xbox Game Passilla melkein 10 miljoonaa käyttäjää

Microsoft on saavuttanut paljon menestystä Xbox Game Pass -palvelullaan, jossa saa ladata ilmaiseksi varsin kattavasta valikoimasta pelejä kuukausimaksua vastaan. Video Game Chroniclen mukaan Xbox Game Passilla olisi jo melkein 10 miljoonaa käyttäjää.

”Microsoft has not revealed exact subscriber numbers for Game Pass, but we have learned that there are currently some 9.5 million monthly users. Game Pass is an attractive proposition for publishers and developers because Microsoft pays out to developers each time a game is installed. It has become hugely valuable to small independents in particular, who now find themselves with a regular income and a strong community. The deal is similarly beneficial for Microsoft, which doesn’t need to worry about disc manufacture and only takes a royalty cut from games that have been installed, with several games added every week.”

Yllättävää ei ole sekään, että Xbox Game Passista saatavat tuotot ovat jo nyt merkittävä osuus Xboxin tuotoista kokonaisuudessaan.

”We understand that Game Pass accounts for an impressive percentage of Xbox revenue, and our sources see this as a major factor in the Scarlett equation. It’s a service that Sony cannot easily rival with Playstation 5.”

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