PES 2020:n demo sisältää 14 joukkuetta ja editointityökalut

Sony ilmoitti menneellä viikolla Pro Evolution Soccer 2019:n olevan heinäkuun PS Plus -pelinä, mutta Konamin katse siintää jo syksyn uutuusversiossa. Pro Evolution Soccer 2020:n odotusta helpotetaan heinäkuun 30. päivä ilmestyvällä demolla, joka tarjoaa nyt myös Edit Mode -muokkaustilan.

Lennart Bobzien kertoi asiasta haastattelussa, jonka voit katsoa alta.


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”The great news is that this year, besides the offline mode and the online mode -which is Quick Play and Co-Op for online- for the first time we’ve included the Edit Mode into the demo, and this means that all our fans, they can start playing around with the Edit Mode, they can create their own bespoke kits, they can edit teams as well”.

”So this is something where we want to give our communities and our users the opportunity to get used to the Edit Mode early and then play around and be creative”.

Demo tarjoaa kuusi liigaa, 14 joukkuetta ja kolme stadionia.

”In total we will have six leagues available in the demo, so 6 leagues our users can play around with, and a very nice feature is you will be able to carry over your edited files, from the demo over to the final product when it comes out in September”.

”To put it this way, in total we will have 14 fully-licensed teams. So, 11 teams we’ve already announced -we will have Barcelona, Arsenal, some South American teams- and obviously there will be three teams added to the demo that we can not talk about yet since they’re linked to upcoming partner club announcements. And the leagues I was talking about are like generic leagues, so it means that our fans have enough space to play around, so there are enough teams availabe which they can play around with and can edit”.

Toistaiseksi kolme demossa olevaa joukkuetta ovat yhä salaisuuksia. Lista näyttää tällä hetkellä siis seuraavanlaiselta:

  1. FC Barcelona
  2. Arsenal FC
  3. Palmeiras
  4. Flamengo
  5. Sao Paulo
  6. Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
  7. Vasco da Gama
  8. Boca Juniors
  9. River Plate
  10. Universidad de Chile
  11. Colo-Colo
  12. ????
  13. ????
  14. ????
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