J.J. Abrams oli puheissa George Lucasin kanssa ennen Episode IX:n tuotantoa

Ohjaaja J.J. Abrams on paljastanut, ettei ollut helppoa nivoa koko vuosikymmeniä ja yhdeksän elokuvaa jatkunutta tarinaa yhteen Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalkerissa. Abrams kertoi tavanneensa George Lucasin ennen käsikirjoituksen kirjoittamista, jotta lopetus saataisiin tehtyä mahdollisimman hyvin.

George Lucasin osuus elokuvassa ei ole tiedossa. The Rise of Skywalker saapuu elokuvateattereihin joulukuussa 2019.

”This movie had a very, very specific challenge which was to take eight films and give an ending to three trilogies. We had to look at what was the bigger story. We had conversations amongst ourselves. We met with George Lucas before we started writing the script. These were things that were in real, not debate, but you look at the sort of vastness of the story and trying to figure out what is the way to conclude this. But it has to work on its own as a movie. It has to be its own thing. It has to be surprising and funny, and you have to understand it. You can’t assume anyone has sat and watched eight movies before this one. And yet, I want a kid to be able to watch Episodes 1-9 and see that one story.”

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