Rage 2 keskittyy enemmän toimintaan kuin tarinaan

VG247 pääsi haastattelemaan Rage 2:n ohjaaja Magnus Nedforsia, joka paljasti, että pelissä on kyllä tarinakin, mutta että painopiste on ennen kaikkea toiminnassa.

Rage 2 julkaistaan 14. toukokuuta PC:lle, PS4:lle ja Xbox Onelle.

”I will not sit here and say the deep story is why you should play RAGE 2 – it’s an action game. But we’re trying to tell small stories, both by interactions with the NPCs that you meet, and also through the environment. It’s something that we want to push more and more.”

”There are many good storytelling games that are open world games second, but the common mistake is to tell a linear story. Then you’re failing in giving the player all that freedom. I think the whole industry needs to find the magic moment where somebody comes up with an evolution in open world storytelling.”

Rage 2

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