Kanye West halusi tehdä pelin Nintendon kanssa




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Kanye West olisi halunnut tehdä pelin Nintendon kanssa. Asiasta kertoi Pohjois-Amerikan Nintendon entinen pomo Reggie Fils-Aime podcastissa Talking Games With Reggie & Harold.

Kanye West ja Fils-Aime pitivät kokouksen E3-messuilla, ja mukana oli myös Kanye Westin vaimo Kim Kardashian. Kanye Westillä oli peli-idea, jonka olisi halunnut toteuttaa Nintendon kanssa. Kyse olisi ollut kokeilusta, ja siihen Fils-Aime ei halunnut lähteä.

”Part of it was talking about what he was up to. He was experimenting with a piece of video game content; he wanted reactions to it. He comes out and says, ’I want to work with Nintendo.’

We had so many different projects at Nintendo going on, the possibility of doing something with Kanye just wasn’t there, and so I had to find a way to politely decline this opportunity to work with him. I told him, ’Kanye, you don’t want to work with us because we’re tough, we’re hard. All we do is push for the very best content. We would not be the type of partner you would want to work with.’ And he looks at me and says, ’Reggie, you’re exactly the type of partner I want because of that reason!’ It’s like, ’Oh my gosh.'”

Kanye West halusi tehdä pelin Nintendon kanssa

Kiitokset, ComicBook.com

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